Collection Runner - Request FAILED (not assertion failed)

So, in the simple scenario below my collection runner just simply returns 2 passes, 0 fails. I’m aware that there should be several more tests run, but because a request has an error in it and doesn’t return a response the tests for PUT B aren’t even asserted. If I wanted to run something similar from an automated perspective, I would need to come up with some console related solutions to verify my collection ran all the way to the end.

Is there a way in Postman to at least alert the user that the collection has failed, and not just say 2 pass, 0 fail at the end of the collection runner?

GET A (success, 2 passes 0 fails)
PUT B (request failure, no fails logged)
GET C (not even run)

@critchie1: Welcome to the Community :grinning:

So is it working if to try to hit the “PUT” request alone? Is it working stand-alone? And not working only while you run it in runner?

If so please provide some more details here.