Collection Runner not marking a failure as failed

When using collection runner, if my backend server is rebooted, and the request fails because the server is being rebooted, the request is not marked as failed but I see the message ‘An error occured while running this request. Open DevTools for more info.’
How can I get collection runner to mark these as failed?

@quinnj09 Maybe adding in an assertion for the status code would help in these cases? I assume you would get back a 5XX error if the service is down.
So in this case I assume you are doing a positive test and expect a 2XX code, so if its anything but that, it will fail the assertion and fail the test.

Hope this helps.

I have tried putting in a test to see is the response is status code 200, but and I clicked run, it ran 4 times, but says 0 passed and 0 failed.
If I do it when the server is online, it passes, so i know the test is fine, its seems to me that collection runner cannot handle the fact the end server is not available at all.

The count for failure is only for test-failures i.e whether the tests failed or not.
However, we’re working on improving on conveying this information to the user by differentiating between the ‘failed’ tests cases and the ‘requests’ that actually ‘errored’ out (i.e the request failed to execute itself)

Also, the ability to keep the runner running irrespective of errors is already feature request on github.