API request fail when using Test Data in Collection Runner

I am trying to use Test data on some Tests so I can run many iterations, the API call works when I run it, but if I try to use the Collection Runner, it fails. I only set up a simple json file to create two iterations, with no test data for the set up

any help would be great… thank you

Hey @william.m.bigno.iii

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What does your JSON file look like? Could you post an image of it, please?

If you’re not populating the file with data, couldn’t you just use the Iteration option to add the number of runs you want it to do?

Also, If you have any changes in the request view that you want to pick up in the runner, you would need to save those.

Without knowing more information it’s tough to give you a solution to the problem you’re facing.

I would need to see the requests you’re sending and know more about the API to be honest.

Thanks for the feedback, issue has been resolved…

Cool. Nice one! :grin:

What was the issue in the end?