Rest API in Postman works in one server but not in other

We have a REST API which we have configured in Postman.
However in one server the API works fine and gives proper response but in other server we get error 503 as status code and connection timed out error in response.
Telnet and port connectivity are allowed form both server.
Can someone help what would the issue.

This doesn’t sound like a Postman issue.

If one server is working and the other is failing, then the usual suspects of networking\local firewall\SSL settings, etc are potentially not in play here.

Have a look at the following.

HTTP response status codes - HTTP | MDN (

This shows you what the numbers mean in general.

4xx codes are client errors, which usually means you are sending incorrect information.

5xx codes are server errors, which usually means you can see the server, but its not responding correctly.

If you provide some details on the server and API, then someone here “might” be able to help if they know that specific API, but this is usually a developer\supplier question so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high.

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