Issues When Making Local Requests

Currently i’m having a problem using a specific collection on Postman.

I’m using a Collection to make payments using credit card, the thing is this, when I make a post to create the charge, I must before make a post to get the token and there’s the problem, the POST request to create a token is returning a 503 error.

I have tested it directly in the sandbox url, using my backend, and also using another internet provider, none of them works.

On the company side (owner of the payment gateway) is working normally.

How do i proceed?

This is the response header and response body:

5xx error codes are server error responses therefore my first recommendation would be to discuss it with the supplier of the API as it sounds like an issue their end.

It’s still possible that you are missing something in the POST request, but this ought to produce a client error 4xx code instead.

Thanks Mike, but i’ve already discussed with the supplier, and in their devices are running nromally, i don’t know what it could be…
Another common error i’m getting is CORS error:
The supplier has a website where i can make the calls to its own API there, and when i open devtools(F12) and run the test, there’s two errors in the two calls made, one is a CORS erros, and the other is the 503 error
Therefore, i think is something with my own machine, but this is when it gets trickier, i’ve have a azure VM up and running, and the calls there to de API is the same as mine…

Now i’m lost :crazy_face:

Are you running this from the browser or desktop application?

If you run it from the desktop application, it should remove CORS as a potential issue.

For troubleshooting purposes, if you open the request in Postman and look at the right hand side of the GUI, you should have code snippet options.

Try running the request using CURL.

If it fails there too, then the issue isn’t related to Postman.

Can you clarify the bit about the supplier website. Are you saying they have a website service where you enter your credentials and it will test the API connectivity and that is also failing?

I can only re-iterate that “Service Temporarily Unavailable” errors are usually a supplier issue.

It means that you are hitting the server, but the service is not responding correctly. (Otherwise I would be advising to check the local firewall settings).
The supplier should be able to see server side logs when this happens which will give them information on why its failing.

If you were sending the wrong details, you would normally get an 4xx authentication error instead.

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