Requests get out of order within request sets in Postman UI

We have ~ 6000 requests in ~20 collections spread over 2 “Team” workspaces.

Occasionally we have had users report that the requests in the collections are out of order.
This appears to be a “local” issue as other users see the requests in their proper order and if they collection is viewed on the web the requests are in the correct order.

The Solution to this most often is to have the user experiencing this “Sign out” of Postman and all active sessions then log back in, once the collections “Re Sync” the request are in their proper order.

Can you share a simple example? What does out of order mean in your case?

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We have the requests in the various folders (Request Sets) in our collections, numbered to represent the execution order:

What some of our users have reported on occasion is that when they view the request set the requests are not in the proper numerical order.

This causes problems when they attempt to run the collection/request set from Postman as often time the later requests are dependent on data from the earlier requests. In the above example the Requests beginning with request #5 are dependent on the user created in request #4 being present in our application.

When this occurs for one user, it does not affect other users, and if the user experiencing the “out of order” problem looks at the collection in the Web, the requests are shown in the proper order.

Please note: We are primarily using these requests to run automated testing of the API interface our Application.

Got it.

If this is breaking the flow (for whatever reason) and cause issues, try setting the next request using postman.setNextRequest("6 - Update … ").