! URGENT ! Something has gone terribly wrong with the collections in my workspaces!

I created a workspace for each category of my API endpoints that I test. In each workspace there are multiple collections that test different aspects of the API. In each collection, I have endpoints arranged in a specific order to properly test a specific test case.

After creating all these workspaces, and after shutting down the POSTMAN UI and then re-opening it again, as I go to each workspace and then open each collection, the order of my endpoints in the collection are NOT in the order that I had … making my test completely broken !!!

Luckily, I had exported each collection to my hard drive, and if I import the collection again, into the workspace, the order of the endpoints is correct.

I can’t keep exporting/importing every time I want to edit or run these tests in the Collection Runner. What I am really afraid of if I do export the collection and the order get jumbled … then I am totally screwed due to the fact that I run all my collections via newman.

PLEASE !!! This needs to be looked into as soon as possible.

I have forwarded this thread to the team. I guess it would be even better if you email us with your user details.


What user details do you need and what email to send to ?

You can email help@getpostman.com or visit https://support.getpostman.com/ and login using your postman credentials.

We would need your username and email address.


I just submitted a request via support.getpostman.com with the same subject and description. I also attached a few files. The is #17766.

@shamasis @abhijit

Thanks to Shamasis Bhattacharya and Abhijit Kane for their quick response.

My problem was solved after checking the postman “server” copies of my collections and establishing that all my collections had the correct order of the endpoints and then logging out and logging back in to the app. By doing that, all my local workspaces were synced with the server and the correct order of the endpoints was restored.

Great support response !!!