"request url is empty" even though successful authentication

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My question:
I authenticate using OAuth 2.0 successfully and get redirected back to Postman.

In the console, I get an error: request URL is empty

I do not see the authorization code in the response for me to parse, but if I expand the error message and look in the Request Body > code, my authorization code is there!

I am able to use the authorization code to successfully obtain an Access Token as well.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

  1. I set all of the values in the OAuth 2.0 form
  2. I click Get New Access Token
  3. I get redirected to my browser to accept
  4. I get a successful authentication
  5. I get the Authorization code in the request body of a console error (I also get the auth code in the URL after authenticating)

I’ve already tried:
I’ve already tried to tweak some values here & there and did a lot of search online with no success.