Runtime error: request URL is empty

Hi all.

I am running an API provided with clientId and clientSecret. I am navigating to Authentication Tab and entering necessary details. Even though I am getting response as 200 OK, I am getting this response on the console once I click on “Get new Access Token” under OAuth2.0 Authentication.

Can anybody elaborate in depth why am I getting this error? It has been a major show-stopper in the project as I am relatively new to these concepts.

Hey @saketkhopkar :wave:

Can you share the image of the request tab showing the URL? It’s showing a POST request in the console without a URL.

Have you saved all changes? What else do you have set in that Auth Helper?

Are you following some documentation that’s telling you the API uses that type of Auth?

Yes for sure. Here is the full image with API URL:

I have been regularly saving all the changes too. The client with whom we have been working has provided us following details:

  • A Client ID

  • A Client Secret

As far as Authorization Tab is concerned, I have only entered the Client ID and Secret which was specified to us by the client.

We are not following any kind of documentation though. Only we have these 2 things and API URL with us. We are just using OAuth 2.0 as it might be the most suitable way of Auth.

Let me know if any more info needed.

Has there been a successful request sent without any errors and showing what you expect to see? Are all the other details in the token configuration correctly added? Does it provide a new token when hitting Get New Access Token?

What’s happening with the start of this url? Doesn’t look like that should be before https://. What unsaved changes do you have in that tab?

If you have been provided these details and the method of Auth from a client, get clear documentation about how it’s used. Just picking an Auth helper and adding a couple of details to it, won’t just work automatically. :sweat_smile:

Seems like there are not enough details from the client side then. Maybe I will ask for some more specific details from their side.

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