Request for new access token redirects to blank screen


I am trying to fetch access token for authentication. This process for fetching the access token was working fine for the last few months. But, since the last couple of months, I am getting a blank screen when I try to request for a new Access Token.

The steps are illustrated in the screenshots below:

I am requesting an access token for OAuth 2.0 authentication.
I have tried configuring the Callback URL to the following values. Both result in the same issue.
I have also configured the URLs specified below in Azure Active Directory Application.


I provide my tenant user name.
Next, the login page tries to redirect to my organization page.
But, the redirect is not successful for some reason. I see only blank page and the process for fetching the access token is not successful!!


Postman console also does not provide any logs for further inspection.

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Encountering the same issue

Possibly related to this bug:

This is what we use for SSO redirection

Noticed Scope is not set to {{Scope}}