OAuth Access Token Flow - Salesforce login page shown again after successful login

I’ve been using Postman for quite a while and I feel like this issue comes up from time to time and then seems to go away on its own, but it’s possible I’m doing something different and not realizing it.

I’ve used the Authorization Code flow to get OAuth 2.0 access tokens all the time, but today when I tried to do it, when I click Request Token, the Salesforce login page pops up as usual, I correctly entered my credentials and hit login, the page went blank for a bit and the mouse went to working - usually this is where the login page pop up would close and I’d get my token - then after a few seconds the login page was shown again.

There was no error and in fact when I logged into the Salesforce UI, I could see that I had a successful login from a Remote Application.

Because Postman isn’t getting an error, I don’t get any feedback on the Console.

Has anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?

I am experiencing this same sporadic problem when trying to get a new token from Salesforce.com. Postman was working fine over the weekend, now I can’t get a new token no matter what. It just keeps looking back to the login page with no error and the Salesforce.com login history show a successful login. Frustrating. Any luck resolving it?

I am also getting the same issue, is there any workaround for this.