Remove "Switch to a Workspace" banner

While I appreciate that the Postman team is really excited about workspaces, unfortunately I am not able to use them in my work environment. I must use Postman is Scratch Pad mode.

However, upon updating to Postman 8, I now have a big amber banner across the UI warning me that I’m in Scratch Pad mode and that Workspaces are really swell and I should be using those instead.

This is a major irritant as I expect big amber banners to be error messages or warnings that can be dismissed, but I can’t find a way to dismiss this banner. Is there a setting I’ve overlooked that can remove this? It’s very unhelpful.

I am curious as to what’s the blocker on using workspaces in a work environment?

I am in the same situation at my company. Our Postman collections contain proprietary and/or private information, and must remain only on our corporate network. We can’t use a cloud-hosted workspace like Postman is trying to push now; I would also love a way to permanently disable the “Switch to Workspaces” banner.

Same situation here. I’ve clicked on this banner by accident more often than I care to admit because well an IM pops up, i click the IM, but instead hit the banner. Postman goes away, a browser window opens, I get all confused at what just happened… realized Postman is trying to make me sign in… close the browser, close postman. Wait 1 mins for postman to reopen. Lost my work… it’s just frustrating. I really wish there was a GUI friendly alternative. We’re still using Postman is because we have none technical users who rely on a familiar interface. However, with the marketing ‘features’, it’s becoming more and more of a hassle for our users.

Anyone find a solution to this issue and other unfriendly marketing ‘features’?