Remove "Switch to a Workspace" banner

While I appreciate that the Postman team is really excited about workspaces, unfortunately I am not able to use them in my work environment. I must use Postman is Scratch Pad mode.

However, upon updating to Postman 8, I now have a big amber banner across the UI warning me that I’m in Scratch Pad mode and that Workspaces are really swell and I should be using those instead.

This is a major irritant as I expect big amber banners to be error messages or warnings that can be dismissed, but I can’t find a way to dismiss this banner. Is there a setting I’ve overlooked that can remove this? It’s very unhelpful.


I am curious as to what’s the blocker on using workspaces in a work environment?

I am in the same situation at my company. Our Postman collections contain proprietary and/or private information, and must remain only on our corporate network. We can’t use a cloud-hosted workspace like Postman is trying to push now; I would also love a way to permanently disable the “Switch to Workspaces” banner.

Same situation here. I’ve clicked on this banner by accident more often than I care to admit because well an IM pops up, i click the IM, but instead hit the banner. Postman goes away, a browser window opens, I get all confused at what just happened… realized Postman is trying to make me sign in… close the browser, close postman. Wait 1 mins for postman to reopen. Lost my work… it’s just frustrating. I really wish there was a GUI friendly alternative. We’re still using Postman is because we have none technical users who rely on a familiar interface. However, with the marketing ‘features’, it’s becoming more and more of a hassle for our users.

Anyone find a solution to this issue and other unfriendly marketing ‘features’?

I have the same issue. I’m using production secrets that I’m not allowed to share outside my machine. Preferably I could disable “Switch to a Workspace” for certain collections and environments.

Same here. Proprietary content, this easy-to-accidentally-click banner is getting in my way and has no value in my organization’s usage.

Please enable this to be permanently dismissed.

This is one more of the irritations that incentivize me to continue evaluating other tools like Insomnia.