Remove '|' from newman cli output

EDIT: created issue newman#2255 and proposed pull-request newman#2257 to tackle this question.

I have console.log(...) in my PreRequest and Test stages that I’d like to be printed on the console without the | chars getting printed out. Is there any flag I can use to disable it?

Right now it looks like this:

GET http://somerequest
│  <something i console.log'd out>

I’d like it to just plainly print the output:

GET http://somerequest
<something i console.log'd out>

Hey @filfreire

No setting or flag for that but I suspect it’s coming from here:

The console part of the reporter is here:

That project is open source so maybe an improvement that you could help to add :grin:

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I was actually checking through the same code and trying to get a “custom” reporter with that part changed to work locally :smile:

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Great minds :grin:

I think you could modify Newman locally easy enough if you have that globally installed or using the library. :grin:

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Preparing a pull-request :running_man:

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