Postman console logs to be exported

Hi Team

I have a requirement to export only console logs . I tried using newman html report as below
Appreciate your input.

newman run collections/QE_xxtests.json --folder xxxx -e env.json -d data/test1.csv -r cli,junit,htmlextra --reporter-junit-export results.xml --reporter-htmlextra-export test.html --timeout-request 7000 --reporter-htmlextra-logs

The above one is printing very detailed report. I need only the console logs which I am printing through postman test script.

Thanks, Raje

Reason for my above question is: I am trying to copy paste the information from the log. I am printing an array (with more than 1000 items). Console log is not showing all the entries. It is showing as below. How do I retrieve remaining 166 items. That is why I am wondering if these can be exported.

│ C?locale=cccccc"’,
*** │ ‘“v3/xxxxxxxxx”’,***
*** │ ‘“v3/xxxxx”’,***
*** │ ‘“v3/sxxxxxxx”’,***
*** │ ‘"v3/sxxxxxxx’,***
*** │ '"v3/surfaces/ccd/contents/questionnaire/context/RUS***
*** │ ***
*** │ … 166 more items***
*** │ ]***