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Hi all
Is there any way that when executing newman by command line it generates the html report and also shows the log?

C:\MyUser\Desktop>newman run myCollection.json --folder “TestCase 1” -r htmlextra --bail folder


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Hey @pablovok,

What do you mean by the log?

If you mean the CLI reporter output, you could just add that to the Newman command.

For example:

newman run myCollection.json -r htmlextra,cli

If you mean the console.log() messages in the reporter, you could use the --reporter-htmlextra-logs flag. This will show those message in the final report.

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This is what I needed: newman run myCollection.json -r htmlextra,cli
Perfect!!! Thanks!!!

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console log are not reported when using this --reporter-htmlextra-logs options

Which version of the reporter are you using?

I used below comman line :
newman RegressionTestCase.Version1_collection.json -e BIF_BT1ENVIRONMENT.postman_environment -reporter-htmlextra-logs

Error :
Usage: newman [options] [command]

-v, --version output the version number
-h, --help output usage information

run [options] URL or path to a Postman Collection.

To get available options for a command:
newman -h

You would need to add run to that command:

newman run RegressionTestCase.Version1_collection.json -e BIF_BT1ENVIRONMENT.postman_environment --reporter-htmlextra-logs

There is also 2 - characters on the --reporter-htmlextra-logs flag. I fixed that in the command above.

Try with:

newman run RegressionTestCase.Version1_collection.json -e BIF_BT1ENVIRONMENT.postman_environment -r htmlextra,cli --reporter-htmlextra-logs

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Is there a solution to this? I am not getting any console.log column in htmlextra report. I used this command -
newman run "Create Offering.postman_collection.json" -e "API Demo Env Copy.postman_environment.json" -r htmlextra,cli --reporter-htmlextra-logs --insecure

The logs are now part of the individual requests, rather than being in a separate tab.

For Example:

Ah yes, now I found it, thanks :slight_smile:

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