Regarding recent change for Window names under Window menu (Using the postman on MAC)

I can see in latest postman update, now the opened collection names are being displayed as window name when you open Window menu drop down. As per my usage, I work on multiple workspaces simultaneously so I get confused with collection names as window names as I have different projects with same APIs, resulting in similar names, so my suggestion is :slight_smile:

  • If user has opened multiple windows with same work space, then window title should be named as per Postman request
  • If user has opened different workspaces then workspace names should be displayed as window names.


Hi @shamsulhaque786 - you can upvote or chime in on this existing feature request: I would like the window title to include the current workspace name · Issue #11375 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

Feel free to link to your forum post. However, I will close the topic now as the Engineering team does not review feature requests in the forum.