How to Rename Tabs?

Is there a way to rename your tabs? I could have sworn I was able to do this a while ago, but I can’t get it to happen now. Thanks!


If you mouse over the name of the request below the tab a pencil edit icon should appear, click it and then edit the name. Or within your collection on the left hand side of the app you can mouse over the name of the request, click on the ellipsis and then select Rename.


Hmm… I’m not seeing the pencil icon. Should I be able to rename a tab in the history view of the workspace (main area on screen, not history in the left column) or am In the wrong area??

Saving the request to a collection and renaming it worked fine, thanks!.

Try closing the saved request and reopening it. The icon should appear as in the example below.

Hey @bobwoodard

We have noticed this behavior, and have fixed this internally.
Will be coming up in our future releases

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I have the same problem. I have created a new workspace and it is not possible to edit tab name. However, it IS possible to edita tab names in the old workspace (the original).
Postman v6.7.3

hey @sbotta

You can only rename when you have a saved request open in a tab.
If a request is not saved, you cannot rename the tab yet.