Is it possible to set the text to wrap-around in the collections request hierarchy panel?

I have a complex collection that I am beginning to build that will have folders and subfolders, along with specific request names. In the lefthand hierarchy panel in Postman, the request name text cuts off with ellipses (…) when I would rather have it wrap around to see the full request title. Is there a setting that I’ve missed that allows for this?

Hi @JenBauer

No option as far as I’m aware but if you view the full documentation you can see all the full names in this way…

I’m aware that there are multiple detail pane views for seeing the full request name. These are not a solution for viewing the full name in the hierarchy pane. I just want the full name visible in the hierarchy regardless of my window size. It’s not clear to me why this isn’t an option in the UI.

It’s likely just a choice that was made when designing the layout.

If you would like to submit a feature request Postman offer this link;

Thank you, this link is just what I needed.