Last open workspace

macOS 11.4
Postman 8.6.1

How to configure that when Postman is opened, the workspace in which I worked last time opens automatically?
Now the tab opens - Home

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Hey @aliaksei.labotski

Thanks for reaching out. We have communicated this feedback back to our product team. Can you please help us in understanding what’s your current workflow looks like and how this change is causing disruptions in that. We also have a Recent Workspaces section that lets you quickly get back to the workspace you were working in. Would it not help you here in your use case ?


For example

  1. I worked with my project in a Workspace - Gismu
  2. Then I closed and opened Postman again.
  3. And I see the welcome window (Home tab) But I want to go back to the past Workspce

Got it. Thanks for the reply.

Also, I see Gismu workpace in the “Recent Workspace” section on this page. I am just trying to understand that why can’t you use that to go back the workspace. Did you tried using it or this was not very apparent from the UI.

Hello @prashant_postman

I have the same issue here. The Home tab is very cluttered and I don’t use anything else except for my own workspace. How can I configure Postman to not open the Home tab? I want Postman to open the workspace in which I worked previously.

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I want to automatically open the workspace in which I last worked (before the closed application)

It was gone and worked
Here or I changed it in the settings (I can’t find where)
Or one of your updates changed the logic of work