Re-sync is disabled on installing and signing in postman

I installed postman on my ubuntu system version 6.7.5. I signed in using my credentials but Syncing icon keeps on moving ; my collections are not recovered till and the re-sync option is also disabled in the Setting -> Sync section.

Hi @shubham_205

May I know if you are seeing any header message on your application?

Your team updated to Postman v7.0. To keep your collections and workspaces in sync with your team, you must also update to v7.0 by going to Settings > Update.

Hi @shubham_205

As the message displays, since your team has upgraded to the latest version 7.x which is why you aren’t able to sync the data. You will need to update to the latest version for the collections to be synced.

You can Update to the latest version of the application (Navigate in your application to - Settings > update) or Install from this link here:

@subramanya.raj Thanks the issue was resolved after downloading the latest version from the link you mentioned. Used the postman link for installing the package

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