Fail to sync and now won't enable sync

Hi, although some of my postman details are sync’d - I can pick them up on another computer, I noticed that yesterday I got a failed to sync message

Both by requesting a sync and doing a force sync I keep getting the above message.

To try and clear it I turned off sync, then enabled it again, but now it just tells me sync is off

<image available but not allowed :(>

I cannot enable it from this enable button, and the settings page just has greyed out force sync and disable sync buttons.

<image available but not allowed :(>

Please help me fix this.

second picture

3rd picture

And this is interesting too; Enable sync, and problem syncing - both together. What is the state really?

Which version of Postman are you using? (this can be checked by going to the “About” tab within the settings). It looks like you might be on an older version and could use updating.

Hi Matt,

I am using a MAC and the postman version is: 4.0.0-beta.4



Hi Steve,

We’re currently at version 7 on the native Mac app. If you click on the “Update” tab, you should be able to bump up to the latest version.

Because you’re quite far behind and you are having some sync problems, I’d recommend exporting a complete dump of your Postman data, just in case. Hit the “Data” tab in the preferences in order to do that.


Hi Matt,

Are you thinking about the PC Version? PC version is 7.0.6

The MAC version was only downloaded a month or so ago. It is version 4.0.0-beta.4, and selecting Update reports “You are up to date! Postman v4.0.0-beta.4
is the latest version”


I’m on Mac and 7.0.6:

Can you screenshot this for me?

Did you download from the following?

Hi Matt,

Really appreciate your help. I deleted the existing postman and downloaded a new version … 7.0.6 is now downloaded and seems to be working fine.

Many thanks … shame version 4 thought it was the latest!

Really appreciate you persevering with me.