Not able to sync data on local app with team workspace


I have purchased a $10 month plan on friday and import a collection on my account and it’s showing in web API doc as well. But now I wanted to make changes or import an another collection but it’s not working. So how I can be able to do the same. Please help.

@apibosv2 If you are still facing this issue, can you write us at so that we can take a closer look at the issue.

This is not at all an expected behaviour.


I have imported a josn file to postman and on the first time it’s working fine on browser.
But now on browser nothing appears .

On postman I have around 80 request of collection. But it’s not showing on browser So how I can be able to get the same on browser.

Looking for at response .


I see that your team has migrated into V7, would recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of the app and everything should function as normal. I see that you are on linux, and if you have installed via snap would request you run these commands to get to the latest version of the Postman App. If not, you can check the settings check for updates to get on the latest version.

Let me know if it solves your issue

sudo snap switch --channel=candidate postman
sudo snap refresh postman