Synchronization not working

Hello. I recently updated Postman to version 7.28.0 and since then, my collections are no more synchronized. The sync button is always displayed in blue and the arrows are constantly moving. It seems that it never succeed to sync my changes. It used to worked properly with previous versions. Any clue about how to solve this ? Thx

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I ran into sync issues in the latest version as well. Collections are showing 0 requests and the spinner just keeps going. Restart the app or the PC doesn’t help. It started since yesterday 7.16 and is still going on today :frowning:

Not sure exactly about what the real problem was, but after uninstalling Postman, clearing all local data and re-installing it again, I could retrieve all my collections, even the one created during the time when I was thinking that they were not synchronized. Apparently it was only a display issue then.