Publishing versioned API

Hi all, I’m trying to publish the APIs produced by the team I work with. Their API is versioned API – each quarter we release the new version and update stable and preview versions (e.g prefix 2021-04, 2021-07, 2021-10 etc). It’s similar to how Facebook API is managed. I’m trying to find a similar example on Postman, but I can’t find any. Facebook (Meta) Whats App API, Twitter API, MSFT Graph API, Neolife API – all of these seem to be just a static APIs published on Postman.

Do you have an example of versioned APIs? I’m not sure if I should create a separate collection for each version, or if it should be within the same API collection but under different tag, or some other option.


The original question has been resolved. However, I have encountered an inconvenience: each time i generate a new collection for my API i need to manually put “access-token” variable into authorization profile of each of the API versions. Any way to resolve this automatically? I.e I want each new collection to get the token from the variable called "access-token "