Postman 10: Issue with having a collection under an API

I’ve got an API YAML file with my API definition. Connected to this API specification is a collection. This collection is published to a company URL and always worked great, even though it has a number of shortcomings.

In Postman 10 there is now a collection that shows up directly under the API. From what I can see this is NOT the same collection that is published to our company URL. It does looks like it is a copy of the published collection. I’ve added another request to the collection under the API but this new request doesn’t show up in the collection whose documentation is published. It is clear that the collection under the API has absolutely nothing to do with the collection it was copied from. What makes this particularly frustrating is that there seems to be no way to publish the API with the collection to our company URL. I do NOT want to publish it to a Postman public workspace. I want to be able to publish it to my company URL, like I always could.

It makes logical sense to edit/update the collection directly under the API and not the one in the Collections group but I can only publish the one in the collection group? Seriously?! This is very poor design thinking, or the documentation is outdated since I cannot find any info on how to publish the API with its attached collection to our company URL.

The closest thing to useful info I can find is " Also, you can’t publish a collection that has been added to an API. Instead, you can publish a version of the API. A published version includes the API’s definition and collections."

Well, that helps nothing since it does not explain how I can publish a version of the API to my company URL instead of a public workspace.

Please assist since this is a major issue for us. We need to update our API definition as well as the collection and now we have to update two collections (the one under the API and the under under the Collection button). I simply cannot believe that this is what was intended.

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I 100% agree. It makes no sense to me that we have 2 places with collections and they behave differently with regards to the publishing behaviour.