How to make versioning of postman documentation like V1,V2 etc

I am using the postman API documentation, But I am creating the new version of the same API so how I can show the different versions like v1,v2 … at postman documentation.

@suryateja Welcome to the Community :partying_face:

I am not a developer though!! But I have seen documentation versions for few API’s.

Please check if this link is useful to you :blush:

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Thanks for the quick response,
I have already seen the API versioning, My basic requirement is that I have two different features for the same API. which I like to show them based on the versioning eg: the v1 version and the v2 version, etc…
when I share it in a public way is there any solution for my requirement.
When we use link shows like current and experimental when I share it in private.
And also It is not a current way to show the versioning as current and experimental when it is not an experimental one.

Hi @suryateja,
Thanks for sharing your use case. It would help if you could define this as a feature request and report it on our issue tracker. If this is a common request, we could get more upvotes on it.