Want to publish two documentation versions with different routes from one collection

My team manages all our API routes in a collection on Postman where, until now, was mainly used for storing and testing. We’re getting ready to publish documentation for our API (which lives off Postman) and I’m trying to publish two versions – a public-facing for clients and a private version for internal use.

I know I could do this with two collections, but I’m trying to find a way to manage two versions of documentation for the same collection, but simply exclude some of the folders and routes for the public facing version. Is this possible? I have only seen versioning for the API itself.

Hi there @jimplaypickup - the recommended way to version an API is as you say - to version the API specification and associate different collections with each version. If your goal is to publish web documentation, you can then publish a different version via release tags.

But if your goal is to maintain two separate (but linked) collections, it sounds like you might be able to fork the private collection to use as your public collection (and then trim out certain folders and routes in the public fork).

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Thanks for the quick reply, @joyce! Does Postman make it possible to keep the fork (public, in this case) updated and push changes down to the main collection? Avoiding maintaining two separate collections would be super helpful.

Yes, it works like Git. You can pull changes from the main collection, and submit a pull request to the main collection. Be aware that if you start editing both collections in parallel but different ways, it can get tricky to reconcile the conflicts. So I would test a small example of what you plan to do - so that you understand precisely how it works, and not wiping out changes in either collection.

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