Proxy server - Automatic Configuration Script usage

In our Windows network configuration settings, we use “Automatic Configuration Scripts” that references a .dat file for our network proxy. Does Postman support this type of network proxy? I am getting “Could not get any response” error message in Postman when trying to access a SaaS application.

I am also interested in a spin-off of this questions whereby I can confirm that we have a similar setup with an automatic proxy configuration file that seems to be used when I click the “Use System Proxy” in the Postman settings but in my case I get a “407 Authorization required”.

Spin-off question: where/how can one configure the authentication (I believe that Postman does not support SSO mechanisms or NTLM for that matter)?

To be more precise, I get a response HTTP_407 AuthRequir and the following headers that Postman does not seem to be able to handle (i.e.: go further and negotiate):

Response Headers:
Date:"Wed, 06 Feb 2019 10:28:47 GMT"