Can't enable http and https for proxy settings

I’m able to click and select HTTP and HTTPS settings for “Global Proxy Configuration” and test successfully with Postman on my laptop, but on another instance of Postman on my test server for example, these settings can not be enabled and I’m not able to test successfully on my test server. What’s happening? Please help.

Thank you,

Hey @TienLeCarlsbad, this is really odd. Could you try enabling these settings once again and see if the timeout error still occurs? If yes, please do share your App version along with the OS information so I can debug this.

Also, you don’t seem to be on the latest version of the app. Upgrading would be ideal. Click here to know more info on how to upgrade!


Hi Harsha,

I’m running v6.7.4 on Windows Server 2016.


Thank you for the info, @TienLeCarlsbad- I’ll check this internally and get back.

I’m also surprised as to why the prompt says the app is up to date when 6.7.4 is not the latest version. The latest version is 7.1.1 Let me get back to you on this also!


Thank you, Harsha, for your help.

Hi @TienLeCarlsbad,

I see that your team hasn’t migrated to the latest Postman version, ie. v7! I’m dropping an email now with instructions on getting that done!