Tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=407"

I need to connect to proxy server and getting this error “Error: tunneling socket could not be established, statusCode=407”
I’ve setup Postman to enable custom proxy configuration (Disabled the Default Proxy Configuration and System Proxy settings)
Version Details: Postman for Windows and Version 9.31.29 and same issue with latest version 10.x
Tried below things:

  1. I’ve tried enabled System Proxy proxy settings along with customer settings(I am aware that if both are enabled it will take the customer settings but given a try). → Din’t work
  2. I’ve tried enabling Default Proxy Configuration with my credentials and enabled customer proxy configuration → Didn’t work
  3. I’ve tried using a batch file with HTTP_PROXY environment variables to launch postman and it still has the same problem.
    NOTE: My collegue has Version 9.31.27 MAC version and it is working fine.
    Please help me in resolving this issue.

Hi @menakadev. Welcome to the Postman Community

A 407 statusCode is a “Proxy Authentication Required” error and usually means that the proxy requires authentication that hasn’t been provided or provided incorrectly.

Can you confirm that you are providing the right authentication credentials to the proxy?

Hi @gbadebo-bello ,

Yes. I have provided the correct credentials. Same credentials is working fine in curl(Windows bash) and thru java program.
My team mate has Version 7.36.7 - windows and other has Mac - Version 9.31.27 and it is working in their postman.
I would like to try on Version 7.36.7 to rule out that its not bug from postman in latest version.
Thank you for the support!

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