Postman Performance Improvements on Canary Channel

Users! We need your help!

We have diligently under the cover of darkness been working on improving the performance of our native desktop applications.

This is something we are always working on but we have made some major changes that should be transparent to you, our users. This should provide you with a much snappier and responsive experience. :pray:

So what do we need help with?

We would like you to take our new and improved app for a test drive, put it through its paces and bring it back to us with your feedback.

How do you do this? Glad you asked!

You can head on over to the Postman site and download the Canary version of the application. HERE
*This is the same app you know today but with a twist of lime. Meaning it has everything you use today as well as some in progress features and changes mixed in. *

You can then use it as you normally do. You can also install and run this side-by-side with our current production application to compare

Now for the caveat here. So this is somewhat an experimental version but a great way of allowing you a chance to see things early but does come at a price. Where this is a Canary build of our application, it can have some features and functions that are 99% done but may have issues.
However we encourage you guys to throw what you can at this and give us your feedback!

Who knows, there may be something extra in it for you :wink:

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