Postman has become so slow! Needs caching!

I’ve been using postman for years and now when launching postman it can take up to 10 seconds from the moment the interface has loaded until my environments and collections load!
Other times it tells me that I’m offline!
While I’m using it wired on my fiber internet that has never been down!

I have about 10 collections and 20 environments.

Couldn’t you add some sort of caching or local storage rather than reloading everything every time that I launch it?
Just have the sync refresh the items that need to be refreshed rather than taking forever to load everything.

It’s not even the amount of items that takes times here’s an example with 1 collection with 2 requests and 1 environment.
It takes 10 actual seconds from the window opening to get everything loaded.
On a top of the line I9 MacBook pro using a 100Mb fiber internet plugged through ethernet.

Video of it (I’m using Canary but the Stable release is the same)