Postman Open Source Newbie – Seeking Guidance 🌐

Hey Postman community!

I’m Easha Satti, and I’m thrilled to step into the world of contributing to Postman’s open-source projects. As a newcomer, I’m seeking guidance and looking forward to becoming an active member of this fantastic community.

About Me:
I’m Easha Satti, currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. My tech interests revolve around JavaScript and its frameworks, and I’m eager to apply my skills to contribute to Postman.

Why Postman?
Postman has been my trusty companion for various tasks, and now, I’m excited to join hands with the community and contribute to its open-source projects.


JavaScript, React, Node js, Express js, python, c#, mySQL
How can I start? I’ve been exploring the forums and searching for a good first issue, but I could use some guidance. @CommunityMembers, could you please help point me in the right direction or suggest a beginner-friendly issue? I’m enthusiastic about making my first contribution!

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the possibility of working together and the potential for mutual growth.

Best regards,

Easha zeb satti

Hi @eashasatti, Welcome to the Postman Community!

There are a couple of Open Source Projects you can contribute to. We have all of our Open Source Projects here on GitHub. You can go through the list of Projects that are within your skill set domain and look through their open issues. For example, Postman Official Learning Center documentation is open source on GitHub and is built using React, Gatsby JS, etc.

Additionally, you can look through the GitHub organizations of Open Source Projects that Postman supports. Here are some prominent ones to look through.

AsyncAPI - AsyncAPI Initiative · GitHub
JSON Schema - JSON Schema · GitHub
OpenAPI - OpenAPI Initiative · GitHub
GraphQL - GraphQL · GitHub

These open source communities are very welcoming and have a good onboarding process for first time contributors, but ultimately you need to spend some time researching to see what projects you would be most comfortable contributing considering your skill sets.


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