New Idea for Postman & wants to contribute

Hello ,
I am Animesh Raj , 4th year Bachelors in Engineering Student .
I want to contribute to Postman & and want to stick to it always as per new features comes in or If i want to propose a new idea.
I personally use postman testing API its development.
It actually make things easy for us as developer .
My Tech Stack Includes : C, C++ , Python , Java, JavaScript , HTML , CSS , SQL .
I want to contribute please help , I am starting out in open source.
I am currently learning NodeJS & ExpressJs & further plans to learn ReactJS & NextJS.
Wants to make Desktop Applications too so started on Electron.

I want suggest an idea:
whenever i send a get request to get json of data , i get json but if I want to do like
data.results or to get results or data in expanded form , 'cause sometime json files are extremely big & I actually love the way we can change parameters via prarams easily.
I love the product and want to get involved in its development.

  • Animesh Raj

Hi @satellite-engineer-7

I don’t think Postman accepts open-source contributions (I may be wrong??)…
But I do know the HTMLextra reporter and Newman are both open-source. I have personally contributed to HTMLextra reporter and there are plenty of requests that get listed. An interesting one is the performance improvement for large JSON files (multiple iterations runs etc. that produce huge results files).

Postman the app doesn’t accept open source contributions, but there are many libraries that Postman runs on that do! You can see a few of them under the “Open Source Projects” section of our Open Philosophy page (this includes Newman that @w4dd325 already mentioned).

As to your suggestion, you can already output a specific part of the JSON response in the console using Test scripts, e.g. :

let data = pm.response.json()
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