Starting to contribute in postman(Open source)

Hi sir/ma’am,

This is Naman Vyas here. Actually I was looking for an open source project to begin contribution to open source platform. And I found Postman there. since I’ve used it( although not very much) and found this friendly environment here, I have my mind to start contributing to this project.
Although I’m just a beginner but I had my hands dirty on those technologies which is used to build these project and with your mentorship I’m looking forward working with you and learning with you.
I know, I might haven’t followed some protocol while writing this. but I assure you, this is first and last time.
I just want to know how to begin contributing provided I’m just a beginner both to postman and JavaScript too but I’m an excellent problem solver.

Thanks for giving your time and I’ll be waiting for your response.


Hi Naman! Welcome to the Postman community! We’re excited to have enthusiastic developers looking to contribute :slight_smile:

While the Postman application itself isn’t open source (it is built on open source), the core building blocks of Postman are open source. There are quite a few open-source projects on GitHub you can contribute to.

For a bit more information, you can read about our open philosophy. That page also has information on several areas where we invite community members to contribute, including Newman (our command-line tool for running a Postman Collection) and Postman Collection SDK (an SDK to unlock the power of Postman Collections Format using JavaScript).

Here’s even a bit more information on how we value and support community members who contribute to Postman open source projects. It really is a valued part of what makes Postman so special!


Hi Naman! It’s wonderful that you want to start contributing especially because you’re a beginner. @sean.keegan shared a link to our Contributor page, and I’m around if you have questions about that.

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