Postman not Syncing

My Windows 6.1.3 Postman is not connecting to sync. I click the sync button and it just says Connecting for a few then quits.

Furthermore, when I try to go to my online workspace ( I get an error message.

Something went wrong
Don’t worry, we’ll look into it straight away. Click the button below to return to your workspaces.

I’m seeing the same thing … i thought it might be based on a “downgrade” from 6.1.3 to the previous version. I started the older version and now nothing is shown in my client … same errors that you are observing.

Our provider (AWS) is experiencing issues, and we’ll be back up as soon as they are. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates:

what about my local collection not being present after a “downgrade” (running the older on mac OS)

What do you mean “local collection”? If you were using sync, and you downgraded by uninstalling 6.1.3 and reinstalling 6.0.10, your collections will show up again once Sync comes back up.

Yes… Thanks. I did a bit of panic… as I hadn’t done an export to backup my changes in the last day or so… This morning with sync working correctly, the collection was restored.

I have noticed some sync connection issues over the past few days since upgrading to 6.1.3. Have restarted today and will keep an eye on it but there does not seem to be a pattern that I can see yet.

Hi guys.
I have the same problem, but this problem occurred when accessing on a virtual machine, I use the same collection on a local machine and it works normally.

Does anyone know what can it be?