Connections issues and syncing

I created a workspace with collections on the web version outside my work network but when i log into my desktop version on the work network I cannot see it. When I then go to the Web version of postman on my work browser it says I’m offline and no content will load.

This is VERY frustrating. Please help!

Hi @jfsorrell :wave:
Welcome to the community.
Could you share with us your registered email ID using which you have created your Postman account? Also, can you submit your request using the below link please and will take a look.

Hello Postman team,
I and my co-workers are also observing the same issue. It’s not about network but about corporate devices.
After an update from 7.x.x to 8.0.4 Postman shows offline status from corporate devices, it is not syncing.
From a personal device within the same network, it works as expected.
I raised that through email to your team.