Old collections and history are missing since I upgraded

All my postman collections and history is lost when I upgraded to new version of postman. How can I get it back ?

Hiya @ranjan.mukherjee ! :wave:

Were you by chance using the Scratchpad?

We are now using the Lightweight API Client and you can Export your data using ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export or Migrate the data in to a Workspace.

Let me know if you need any other help please reach out to us on migrate@postman.com.

@kevinc-postman thank you, but after the upgrade crashed and I restarted my postman I dont even see any of the collections and history

Just to clarify, do you have a Postman account or have you been using Postman offline without an account via the Scratch Pad?

I do have postman account, but I was using postman offline via scratch pad from a long time now. I do have the logs, how can I send it ?

During upgrade also I was logged in and it crashed but I was able to see the new postman but no collection and history. I tried switching back to the old postman also but even there all the collections and history was lost.

Gotcha! Thank you for clarifying.

We announced a little while ago that we would be migrating to the new Lightweight API Client in place of the Scratch Pad.

There are two available options here to access your data:

  • Migrate all of your Scratch Pad data to a workspace:

    1. Select the settings icon in the header and select Settings.
    2. Select the Data tab, then select Migrate Data.
    3. Select the workspace where you want to migrate your data and select Move Data. You can also create a new personal workspace for your data.
  • Export all of your Scratch Pad data into the new Postman Lightweight API client


Both the options are not working. All my collection list plus the history for past 1 year is not found, I tried exporting the data and also looked into the other option, both of them didnt work. Is there any other way ?

Can you reach out to support via migrate@postman.com with this information and explain that you’ve attempted to export your data? We should be able to export it for you, however I am unable to do that myself.

Feel free to reference this thread in the ticket as well.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

There should be backups.
On Windows, they are under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Postman

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All of the data that you had saved in the Scratchpad, can be Exported from the UI, using ⚙️ > Settings > Data and then follow the Export data flow.

You shouldn’t need to have to navigate anything in your local file explorer.

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And how about in mac?


I dont see any data, as when i upgraded the postman it crashed in between and all my collections and history seems to be lost


All of the data that you had saved in the Scratchpad, can be Exported from the UI, using :gear: > Settings > Data and then follow the Export data flow.

If you have created a new account, you can use the Migrate option to bring the Scratchpad data into a Workspace.

FYI for anyone reading this. Migrating in this way will sync up your collections to Postman’s cloud workspace. Be careful If you have secrets or API keys that are not in an environment that you do not want to Postman to have access to. Not considering this as part of the update is a little disappointing. Removing features from the “not logged in” version is very disappointing.

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Thank you. This helped me to get back all collections after update.

Hi Danny, I have tried that but it is not finding any of the old data what I had in my scratchpad

Are you trying the Export or the Migrate option?

Another option would be to Export your data, remove anything sensitive from the JSON file(s) using an IDE/text editor and then Import it into your account.

The Migrate Data option makes that process easier for users who want to move their data into a Workspace and allows those same values that were saved into the variable Current Value, to still be there after the migration.

Our recommendation is to not store anything sensitive in your Collections and make use of the Environments by adding these data points, only to the Current Values so these to not get sync’d anywhere.

More security information can be found on our Security & Trust Portal and on the Security & Trust FAQs.

Having to have an account to use the postman is a real privacy disaster for us.

We ask ourselves: Is there still a link to an old version that does not require a login? We would then stay with the old version.
Thanks in advance for the one who can share that link!

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