Postman integration with Jenkins prices and limitations


I am opening this topic because I cannot fully understand some parts of the pricing for Postman.

I am part of a QA team in a cloud company that has around 20 locations. Each month, we release a new version of our API. After the release, we have 40 API Requests in a collection that we want to run in each location.

We want to integrate the prepared collection into Jenkins, but we are not sure how the pricing is calculated for the integration and the sent requests.

Can you tell me the following:

  • If I add the collection to 20 jobs in Jenkins. How am I going to be charged for that?
  • Are the requests part of the Jenkins integration included in the free plan? How many requests we can run per month with Jenkins integration?
  • I cannot fully understand how many requests per month are included in the free plan and the basic one to APIs that are not Postman’s one. Can you tell me that?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @belabs :wave:,

There isn’t a Postman cost to doing anything in Jenkins, if you have your Collections created and you’re running those with the Newman. Creating a new job and running doesn’t incur a Postman cost.

There are limits based on your plan type if you’re using the Postman API to access your Collection, Environment or any other data via that service. The free plan gives you 1000 calls a month. This increases as you move up the pricing tier.

There are no limits on how many non-Postman requests you send or how many Collections you create. Limits may applied to features like the Collection Runner, if you’re using that in the UI. Other limits could come from the actual API your using but if it’s your own, you would know more about those.

Happy to answer any other questions.

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Thank you for your answer! It helped me a lot!

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Hello again,

I have a new question.

If I used the tutorial below, what are the monthly API Requests’ limitations with the Basic and Free plans?

Also, if I use the option below what are the limitations?

Thank you!

That would be using the Postman CLI/API and that has a limit of 1000 calls a month for the free tier.

For all limits and resource usage, you should be able to get that information from here:

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