Newman in CI pipeline - cost?


We are at the point in the development of our API where we can look to integrate our tests into a CI pipeline using Newman. I’m uncertain what costs might be involved with ongoing use of Newman (if any) - could someone please clarify?

Hey @frankdoylezw,

There shouldn’t be anything from the Postman Side, unless you’re using the Postman API to get the Collection you’re running through Newman. That all depends on the frequency of the CI run and the limits you have or your current plan.

Could you explain a little more about the context of what you’re running so that we can know for sure? :slight_smile:

Hi @dannydainton - many thanks for your reply. I haven’t set up Newman at all at this stage. For now, I have a single collection with ~60 requests and ~150 tests. We would look to release relatively infrequently (every couple of months or so) and the tests would be kicked off as part of a the release pipeline.

As far as using the Postman API - I have the exported JSON collection version controlled as part of our solution, and would just point Newman at that file, I thought? So, in that way, I’m not using the Postman API to get the collection at all. Would this mean no costs?

Thanks for your help.

Yeah that should be fine then, running the exported file through Newman won’t incur a fee at all.

I mentioned the Postman API as you can also use Newman with the URL of the Collection and Environment etc.

newman run <Collection URL> -e <Environment URL>

This will also be the most up to date copy of the entities, as in, make changes in the UI and those changes will be reflected in the next Newman run through the pipeline.

It takes the hassle away from manually exporting files each time a change is made to the Collection.

As a free user, the limit is 1000 calls a month so the way that you’re using it, you would be under that limit.

Other pricing information can be found here:

Thanks @dannydainton - that’s great, much appreciated.