Postman Git Integration: Postman app repository clone path

I’m just starting to use Postman and the Git integrations. I’m connecting it to an existing Azure DevOps repository.

There are some actions I’m not able to do via the app (ex: set the data type of a collection variable, replace all instances of a variable with the new name, etc).
In any case, I already have the repository cloned in a specific folder and would like to not have the contents doubled.

Where is Postman saving the repo clone? Can I change it?

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Hey @festsiemens :wave:

Are you able to expand on the information here and add some visual examples of the workflow that you currently have, please?

Hello @danny-dainton,

Not sure what you mean by workflow, but basically, I have an API, I connected it to an existing repository in Azure DevOps which I already had it cloned in my local pc.

I would like to have it connected to the same folder I already had before so that:

  1. Don’t need to have double space occupied in pc
  2. Can do changes in the underlying files and not have to do a commit, then go to postman and go a pull

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