Sync Postman API with Azure DevOps repo

I can’t sync my Postman API with the Postman API repo on Azure DevOps

My question:

Hi everyone, it has been one week that’s I’ve been struggling to sync my Postman API and collections with the Azure DevOps repository. Here are the repro steps :

I created an API and pushed it to a Azure DevOps repo (it works), then I want to retrieve it and sync it with my Postman:

  1. I create a brand new workspace
  2. I import an API from Azure DevOps code repository

I select the repo and the branch to pull
4. I select the API and the collections I want to pull

The API and collections have been imported. I click on “Connect repository” to sync the API and collections I pulled with the repo

When I select the repo and the branch to sync (the same as when I pulled the API for the first time), I’m not allowed to select the branch : “You can’t select a branch used by another API”. I absolutely don’t understand why, this is the same API, the same branch…

Thanks in advance for your help and advice ! :slight_smile:

I’ve already tried: removed/re-created the API, reset Postman, create a new Postman account…

Any luck fixing this? I have the same issue…

Same issue.
My colleague created a API with Postman and synced with a Bitbucket repository.
I can import from Bitbucket but I can’t push because Connect Repository doesn’t work.