Integrating with git and Azure DevOps

Our team is using Postman to create collections of tests which we then export and check in to a DevOps hosted git repository. We later use Newman in our Azure DevOps CI pipeline to execute those tests and report the results.

It’s pretty cumbersome to “Import” each test collection then “Export” it again each time we want to make modifications. Are there any features at any of the pricing levels that would allow our team to integrate the Postman UI with our git repository?

Alternatively, if we wanted to switch to Postman’s collaboration tools how would we integrate that with our CI server?


Hi @bwoodle,

There isn’t an out-of-the-box integration for Azure DevOps Repos. One option is to use the Postman API to create a cron job that periodically syncs your Git repository with the latest from Postman. See here:

For future updates, you can follow this issue:



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