Version Control and Local files, why is this not standard?

We want to start using postman to test our API, our main problem right now is that we see no way to add the collections of tests to a git repository, nor can we find the place where the tests are stored locally. In fact, it seems almost to be made deliberately hard to do anything locally.

Is postman saying we just have to trust on their cloud storage and that we don’t need version control? Why is it so hard to set this up locally? If there’s no way to set this up then sadly our team will have to look for something else.

When you are happy with your collection and environment, you export them as JSON files at which point you can upload them to your repository.

This isn’t as seamless as the built in Git integration which syncs between Postman Cloud and your Git repository, which then allows you to use the pull\push features in Postman.

We do have integrations available that will backup your collections to providers like Github, Bitbucket and GitLab. This might not give you the functionality that you’re looking for though.

Another other is to create an API within Postman, which would then have elements such as Collections. This API can be connected to a git repo and gives you the ability to have that back and forth sync between them. Committing and pushing changes and also pulling any changes from the repo.

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