Best solution for Postman publishing new collection on push to GitHub repo?

I want to publish a postman collection for my users, but I want this to be published regularly as part of our CI/CD pipeline. When API specs are pushed to the main branch on an internal, private repository, we push those specs to the main branch of a public repository that is read only.

I want to generate a new postman collection from this repository, but the option to connect a collection to a repository seems to assume that it’s the main repository and not a copy that can’t be modified.

What is the best approach here?

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I’m also wondering the same thing. Does connecting to github actually pull from my repo or do I have to do some magic to automatically publish a new version?

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With a repo connected to an API you will be able to commit, push and pull changes from/to the repo.

This page would show you how that works:

Unfortunately this doesn’t actually work. This portion of Postman seems to be broken and/or neglected. The same goes for the Postman APIs around this functionality as well. They consistently timeout or fail on larger APIs (400-600 endpoints, in our case), also.

It’s pretty frustrating that this tool can’t simply stay up to date with a GutHub repo. I’m happy to show this to anyone who’s willing to look, because we’d love to have a stable solution. We’ve met with a PM at Postman twice who said they were aware of the issue and were working on fixing it, and nothing ever changed unfortunately.