Postman Desktop UI getting blurry/distorted

Hi! Tried installing the latest postman and the UI keeps getting distorted whenever I’m just idling doing nothing but the blur is fix whenever i move the screen/minimize and return. Have anyone experienced this? I’ve tried reinstalling yet issue still persist.

Thank you

Hey @material-meteorologi :wave: Welcome to the Postman community.

Which OS are you experiencing this issue? And I’m assuming you are using Postman Native app v7.36.0?

Do try out the Canary build and see if that works fine:

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Hi Amit! Thank you for replying very fast. I’ve tried Canary Build but issue is still there. :frowning:

My OS specs are:


That’s doesn’t look good! :slightly_frowning_face: I wonder if it’s the new Windows 10 update :thinking:

Regardless, it would be great if you are able to send us the following, by raising a support ticket here:

  • Screen-recording demonstrating the issue
    • You may use to record the screen
  • Postman app logs
    • These can be accessed by navigating to View → Developer → View Logs in... from the Postman app.
    • Check this article for more details and do send all the files.
  • Also if you are able to provide your detailed system config, that would help
    • RAM / CPU / OS

That would help our Engineers figure out what is going wrong

Thank you