Bug with search box?

Hey all!

So while using Postman today, I noticed that in my desktop application, the search box appears to overlap the “Explore” drop-down menu.
Tested the web version and it spans fine there, but not in my desktop application.

Just wanted to make sure if I’m the only one facing this issue, or is it common for all on the following versions:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro; 21H1
  • Platform Type: Desktop Application
  • Postman Version: 9.5.0

Same in Light Theme for better visibility:

If this issue is faced by more people, then we can open an issue on GitHub for it.


Turns out, My view was zoomed in, you have an option to “Zoom In/Out” in View Menu option, and zooming out fixed this issue,
but when zooming in couple of times, this issue occurs again.