Postman UI completely unreadable

I just installed Postman 8.6.1 on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, and this is what I see when I open it now:

As I move my mouse around, UI elements underneath my mouse cause all this gibberish to flicker, and if I resize the window small enough, I can get part of the gibberish to go away:

Any idea what’s wrong here? I’ve used Postman for years and really enjoyed it, but this makes it totally useless for me.

Hey @tron! Could you try the following and let us know if that helped?

  1. Try off Hardware Acceleration from the menu

  2. If disabling, Hardware Acceleration din’t help, could you the latest Canary version of Postman? You can download it from


Thanks for your response @numaan.

I’ve only been able to reproduce the problem once since my original post—just this morning—which is odd because I couldn’t really use Postman the day I installed it. At any rate, I’ve now disabled hardware acceleration. I’ll post an update in another week or two.