Collection Missing After Postman Update

I have collection of requests. Collection of my requests disappears after Postman update. How I can restore it ?

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Your data from Scratchpad is not missing but you will need to take an action depending how you’re using Postman.

Back in May, we announced the sunsetting of Scratchpad and the introduction of the Lightweight API Client. The announcement blog also contains a number of Frequently Asked Questions around these changes.

The Lightweight API Client allows you to send HTTP, WebSocket, gRPC, and GraphQL requests to test your APIs. All of your work in the Lightweight API Client is stored locally and isn’t synced online with Postman.

How can I access my data and bring it back into Postman?

Your data can be Exported from the Lightweight API Client using ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Export menu option. However, you would need to be signed in to Import this into Postman.

Alternatively, once signed in, you can Migrate all your Scratchpad data into a new Workspace using ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data menu option and contiune using Collections, Environments and all the other Postman features.

I’m going to close this topic as there are several similar questions that have already been asked over the last few days.