Postman CLI not honoring disabled environment variables

I have been using Postman GUI for macOS for a while and have an “environment” file with a disabled key:

    "id": "…",
    "name": "…",
    "values": [
            "key": "foo",
            "value": "38",
            "enabled": false
    "_postman_variable_scope": "environment",
    "_postman_exported_at": "2023-04-03T21:43:51.080Z",
    "_postman_exported_using": "Postman/10.12.9"

When I run via the Postman GUI, it honors this enabled of false. But when I run from Postman CLI (version 1.1.1 on macOS w Apple silicon), it does not honor this setting.

My kludgy fix is to just change the name of this key to something else that won’t be picked up by my tests, but it just seems wrong to have to do this. The Postman CLI should honor the enabled setting of false.


Posted as comment on existing to GitHub issue: